You’ve Got To Taste It To Believe It

By Mary Petiet

Heads up winter weary Cape Codders, we’ve found some color to relieve the endless expanse of white outside your windows! The Naked Oyster is unveiling its new line of artisanal cocktails, beautifully crafted with brightly hued flavors evocative of the sun’s warmth.

This brand new line of crafted cocktails features the Barrel Aged Manhattan, an innovative blend created by bar tender Mark Warner, who brings the same personal touch to his mixology that the Naked Oyster is famous for bringing to its food.

Mark uses a charred oak barrel to blend Rittenhouse straight rye whisky, Contratto vermouth rosso, and Free Brothers West Indian orange bitters in a two-month process. The charred barrel brings out a vanilla overtone, and as the spirits evaporate in the barrel, they blend in a richly concentrated marriage of flavorful round taste.

The concoction is stirred gently, not shaken, and garnished with Luxardo cherries with Grand Marnier. It captures the Italian sunshine as it is finally served in a chic martini glass.

The lovingly made Manhattan in a Barrel is warmth in a cool glass, combining a bit of Southern Europe with a hint of James Bond glamor. Just about right to chase the Cape Cod winter blues away.